Stonehenge Infra & Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Stonehenge Infra & Logistics Pvt. Limited (S.I.L) has been created by people who share the sense of urgency about getting things done. It is a nascent company driven by passion of individuals/legally entites who share an incessant hunger for creating and acheiving 'MARKS' for others to emulate. The sense of urgency is the spirit driving the team of Stonehenge which is a congregation of Young but enterprising people believing in sheer intelligent hard work. S.I.L Focus on providing Engineering and Logistics solutions that adds value by either reducing implementation time-scales or by introducing cost savings to its core customer base. Below are the building blocks of stonehenge.

Stone Crusher Fly Ash Bricks Gravel / Laterite Warehouse
The Stone Crusher unit is highly sophisticated having 2 units of production capacity of 100TPH each. Carrying more than 25 Years of experience in the business, the unit satisfactorily caters to the need of corporate and construction clients delivering aggregates of all sizes and specification.
Fly Ash Brick manufacturing unit has a production capacity of 40,000 bricks per day. The fly ash brick is qualitative cheaper and better than the convectional red bricks.The brick units are promoted by the state and central Govt. as a supplementary to the convectional red bricks.
About 17.5 acres of gravel/laterite stone quarries has been taken on lease. Apart from supporting our own requirement it caters to the need of local clients as well as the requirements of State Highway/N.H.Construction projects.